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Autumn/Winter 2011
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Water Treatment Systems Australia launched its new website. Enjoy the visit and feel free to send us your feedback.
Autumn/Winter 2011
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Long term environmental benefits

On-site treatment by Water Treatment Systems Australia not only facilitates change in key water quality measures such as pH but just as importantly, the system has the ability to provide significant long term benefits to the environment by removing undesirable elements such as excess aluminium, zinc and iron.

Unwanted water contaminants are collected and removed from the site and responsibly disposed of in line with environmental guidelines, leaving behind not only an improvement in water quality, but a healthier micro ecosystem.

Proven Results in Treating Acid Water

Independent laboratory results (shown below) show significant improvements were obtained by using the Water Treatment Systems Australia system on a recent land development. This development has been closed due to the quality of the water on site. The developer was allowed to re-open the site once these significant improvements in the water quality had been achieved.

Water Property Tested
Before treatment
After treatment with WTSA System
Total Acidity (mgCaCo3/l)
< 2
Conductivity (mS/cm)
12 mg/L
3.7 mg/L
2.8 mg/L
0.030 mg/L