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Autumn/Winter 2011

NEW! WTSA Projects
We have updated our website with more in-depth information and a selection of case studies which will show the results of recent work undertaken by our company.


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What Makes Water Treatment Systems Australia unique?

The patented Water Treatment Systems Australia dosing unit can best be described as "Plug and Play". When the unit is delivered on site, the time from connection to the treatment of ground water is just a matter of minutes. Whilst the unit is easy to operate and maintain, the biggest advantage of the systems is the ability of the unit to automatically calibrate itself.

Water Treatment Systems Australia has developed a system that can recognise changes in water quality, water volume and flow rates and automatically responds to those changes without you even knowing about it.

The unit is pre-programmed to target a desired outcome and the unit will automatically adjust itself to achieve the desired result. This automation minimises operator intervention, decreases downtime and makes for a far more efficient and effective means of treating acid water. To complement the unit, Water Treatment Systems Australia offers on site servicing and monitoring along with data collection and comprehensive reporting.

Why does it work?

In conjunction with the mobile unit, Water Treatment Systems Australia has developed and supplies a range of specialised reagents that can be tailored to suit most water treatment requirements around the world. These patented systems are unique and show the advantages of developing a system whereby the unit and the reagents work in unison with each other. Most importantly, Water Systems Australia has been able to create a system that is cost efficient and extremely effective.